Instagram's shift to Reels has led many car photographers to turn to video editing apps such as CapCut, VN, and Splice to create engaging content for their personal projects, businesses, and brands. Finding a unique editing style that aligns with your brand is crucial, and many are looking for ways to match their video edits of cars with their car photo edits. Many car photographers have questions about using LUTs (lookup tables) for editing mobile videos of cars and whether they can be used like presets or if they work in Lightroom. Additionally, some are inquiring about "filters" for car video editing.

While Lightroom doesn't support LUTs or video editing, we have discovered that our color grading LUTs for video can be used as filters for both car photos and videos in the free VN Video Editor app for iOS and Android. The app is easy to use and allows for quick and painless import of LUTs. If you have purchased our video-editing LUTs or plan to, we have prepared a guide for using them in the VN mobile app to enhance your car video and photo content.